Technologies: R-Demurrage

R-Demurrage helps you strategically manage and control rail demurrage across your company with all Class 1 Railroads and Regional Shortlines.

KEY Benefits & Features of R-Demurrage

  • Automatic Verification of Railroad Data
    The system is the only demurrage software that automatically prepares a monthly audit discrepancy report which compares and disputes railroad data versus industry data.
  • Lower Cost and Less Time to Train Regular and Casual Users
    One easy to use platform across your enterprise to track all demurrage expense regardless of railroad or location. Seamless information flow from R-Tracker eliminates guesswork.
  • Improved Visibility and Billing Accuracy
    R-Demurrage allows users to track and plan car movements and manage rail communications. Ordering, releasing cars, and documentation of service failures is processed through the system.
  • Interactive Reporting Capabilities
    R-Demurrage provides a host of functionality to track railroad and company performance. Active and historical data is retained to measure improvement.
  • Increased User Productivity
    With complete visibility of all cars, facility managers can better plan labor to meet their needs. Corporate managers can use R-Demurrage to document and track railroad performance, size fleets properly, and mitigate unnecessary demurrage expense.
  • Corporate Visibility
    The system can monitor your shipments and demurrage expenses globally, not just an individual facility. It supports demurrage tariffs of all Class 1 railroads and most regional railroads. This provides for improved yard visibility for regional plant managers and corporate logistic managers.
  • Integration
    The system can be used as a one source communication device for customers to manage their car movements and rail communications. Car ordering, car releasing, and notification of missed switches, etc. will be processed directly through the system.
  • Interactive Capabilities
    The system provides feedback and measurement tools such as customer orders in the pipeline vs. the ability to unload, switching consistency, placement accuracy, carrier failure to switch, etc.


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